How to Choose a Memorable Domain Name for Your Online Store

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Your domain name is more than your online address. It’s a way to build brand awareness, and it can even be used to build trust and credibility. Of course, your domain name has to be memorable if it’s going to benefit your brand. Follow some tips to help you choose a memorable domain name.

Think Short and to the Point

You need to think of something that is short and catchy when it comes to choosing a domain name. The longer the name, the less likely people will remember it. Make it as few words as possible while still getting your message across.

Be Unique

It also needs to be unique. If it’s too close to a domain name used by the competition, your customers might get the two names mixed up, and you could lose business. Plus, you don’t want to take the chance of violating another company’s trademark.

Being unique will also make your domain name more memorable. That means you don’t have to pull a word out of the dictionary. You can come up with your own word as long as it makes sense for your brand. Consider combining a couple of existing words into a new, unique word for your domain name or tweaking the spelling of an existing word to make it your own. By going with something unique, it will stand out and be easy to remember.

Be Mindful of the Extension

If you want people to remember your domain name, go with a .com extension. It’s the most popular extension out there, and most people assume it’s the one that is in use. If you have a .net or .info extension, people will have trouble finding your site. Of course, since .com extensions are so popular, it can be harder to find an available domain name. It’s worth the search though. Take your time and come up with a .com domain name.

Don’t Include Numbers or Hyphens

You want people to hear your domain name and know exactly how to get to your website. If you have numbers and hyphens in your domain name, expect the address to get lost in translation. For example, if your domain name includes the number nine in it, the person won’t know if it is spelled out if it is the numeral. If you absolutely must include a number, register the domain name both ways. That way, people will get to your site regardless of what they type into the address bar.

Choosing a domain name is an important step in building an online presence. Your domain name is an extension of your business, and it can help you get more customers. Take the time to pick the right domain name for your website and then include it on your branding materials. Your memorable domain name will make its rounds and help you get lots of traffic to your site. Then, you can grow your business from the ground up.

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